Pam Graves
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Pam Graves —
QDM helped define my career path.

When you work in a large corporation like FedEx, it can be easy to simply focus on the task at hand and never take a step back to look at the big picture. For Pam Graves, being a team player meant taking the time to familiarize herself with work outside the scope of her administrative role.

Turn Curiosity Into Opportunities
When she first started at FedEx more than a decade ago, Pam immediately looked for opportunities to add value to her role. She took on more responsibilities and sought chances to continue her education within the company.

Pam took part in a Quality Action Team (QAT) to assess the country code setup for FedEx® Billing Online, which earned a nomination for a Purple Promise Quality Award. Even though her team didn't win, her experience working on the QAT and presenting their findings inspired her to learn more about Quality Driven Management (QDM).

Pam began studying on her own to become a QDM expert using the QDM online resources — but at first, she didn't pass the exam. Still, she reminded herself of one of the key principles of QDM: View failures as opportunities. On her second attempt, she had the opportunity to take a class on QDM to get a deeper understanding of its principles, and she finished the test with time to spare.

Pam didn't slow down after getting her QDM expert certification. She was also the first administrative assistant to become SAFe certified, where she learned the Agile Framework. Now Pam works as a program management analyst and scrum master, which is a position she earned because of her curiosity and commitment to continuous improvement — of her knowledge, as well as her work.

Inspired by Quality Driven Management
For Pam, QDM isn't just a way to solve a problem or make her job easier. It's an opportunity to better understand the culture at FedEx. It's also a philosophy and method that Pam sees as part of the bigger picture which keeps people from working in silos. "When everyone is using the same principles and the same way of thinking about their work, they work better as a team."