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Giuliano Mancini —
Many people have good advice; they just need to be asked.

Starting from day one, Giuliano knew about Quality Driven Management (QDM). With some down time during his onboarding phase, he explored the online resources and stumbled upon QDM. Out of curiosity, he took as many of the courses as he could.

Then, when he started diving into the work at FedEx Trade Networks, he took on a project to review the "key entry" training courses and to design some best practices based on his observations. Using what he had learned about QDM and the ABLE process, he brought together a team of experts from the field and developed a document that pooled their insights.

Another QDM project focused on a simple automation opportunity. Giuliano went to the Memphis hub and sat with management to identify areas for improvement. There was a manager who wanted to start a Faxless FY19 initiative to automate a very manual process. At the time, team members didn't really see the issue; however, the team created a peer-led initiative to educate team members about the benefit for FedEx and to encourage them to make the switch. That one small idea transformed a process across an operating company without a mandate from management.

Transforming Ideas to Help the Business
When it comes to QDM, Giuliano stresses that everything starts with an idea. "What QDM does is help show you what your idea is going to do for the business." By going through the ABLE process and following each step, people can determine whether it's worth pursuing a project before pouring unnecessary time or money into building and launching a solution.

One of the other important things Giuliano learned through his experiences with QDM is to note the details. Even something as small as how someone configures their desktop, uses keyboard shortcuts, or sets up their computer monitors can provide valuable insight into how one team member produces the same results 5 seconds, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes faster than someone else. There's value in finding out what small changes could save hours of time across a team or operating company for the processes they complete every day.