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When team members feel good about their hours, pay, and benefits, they have a positive impact on the company's bottom line. That's why it's so important to periodically assess staffing levels and total compensation to ensure that high-performing team members aren't tempted away by a competing offer.

In 2016, FedEx Office experienced unusually high turnover rates among part-time team members, as well as an increase in customer service issues. To identify the root cause, the Service Excellence Through Strategic Staffing Quality Action Team (QAT) was formed. The project was massive, requiring two cross-functional managing directors as leads, Jamie Hayden and Steve Dillingham, and several sub-teams to address four areas of concern:

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Metrics, reporting, and tools

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Better Benefits Build Better Team Members
Each of the sub-teams had 5 to 10 team members reviewing the data they were collecting from other team members and from benchmarking against other similar-size companies. Based on their findings, the team suggested the following changes.


Increased Personal Fatigue and Delay — Humans aren't robots, so they need time for breaks. The team recognized this and built in additional budget to account for the realities of staffing.


Sick and Holiday Time — Part-time team members now receive paid time off for sick days and holidays, which makes FedEx more competitive among other employers.


Healthcare Benefits — Part-time team members can now receive medical, dental, and vision benefits after one year with FedEx.


System Updates — New scheduling tool helps with payroll scheduling.


Marketing and Recruiting Support — A combination of new recruiting brochures, announcement of referral bonuses, social media campaigns, and education for management to communicate the updated benefits to potential new hires helped produce a 20-day reduction in the amount of time to fill positions.

QAT Member Inspired by Quality Driven Management
Georgette Driscoll, who works in Human Resources for FedEx Office, lives and breathes QDM. Not only is she a QDM expert, but also she currently holds the most QDM awards within FedEx Office.

When you ask her why we need QDM, Georgette is quick to tell you, "It can be tempting to jump to proposing solutions. The ABLE process helps you stop and think about what the problem is."