Date/Time Location

Please double check the date, time, and address to make sure it’s correct. Please allow us a 1 hour window to deal with traffic, parking, and other surprises.  Double check the checklist of services we are prepared to accomplish here, as we will be sticking as close to this as possible.  Please be reminded that we specialize in bathrooms and kitchens.

What to Do Before Each Cleaning

Please apply the “5-minute Pick-Up Rule” before we arrive to pick up personal belongings and items in each room.  We will not know whether clothes on the floor are clean or dirty, where you prefer your toys/receipts/bills and other items to go, and will take time away from the cleaning itself.  If you have pets, please keep them in one room so they don’t track after what our folks just cleaned.  Also, if you have furniture that’s close to your baseboards, please move them to give us room for cleaning to avoid any liability issues with us having to move your furniture.

What to Expect

Our team will conduct a quick site-survey upon arrival to determine scope of work and give you an estimate on how long it will take.  In the rare case a cleaning should take longer due to an extra dirty home, we will coordinate with you to determine if you wish for us to stay longer to accomplish our work for a $15 charge per every extra 30 min.  We appreciate your understanding to protect our top quality guys doing a tough job.

100% Guarantee
Please note that refunds are not offered prior to a Re-Clean being accepted. A Re-Clean will only be completed within a 7 day window from your date of service, otherwise it will be considered denied. No refund will be offered if a Re-Clean is denied.

Because we reserve a time especially for you, please make any schedule changes before 5 p.m. the day before service to avoid incurring a $70 cancellation fee. We appreciate your understanding.

Billing PLEASE NOTE: A hold will be placed on your account (for authorization )in the amount of your total balance the evening PRIOR to your scheduled cleaning service. If your service is cancelled for any reason, this hold will drop off within 2-5 days. THIS HOLD IS NOT A CHARGE. Charging is completed the day of your appointment and you will receive an invoice via email once this occurs.

Please let us know if we can assist you with anything further by contacting Justin by email: [email protected] or by phone: (614) 600-2134