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Get Inspired to Move FedEx Forward Through QDM

It all starts with The Purple Promise: "To make every FedEx experience outstanding." Quality Driven Management (QDM) gives us the methods and tools to consistently deliver the superior experiences that customers expect by minimizing waste, cost, and effort. 

Success stories like these inspire and motivate us. See how team members at every level and across every FedEx operating company use QDM to make their jobs easier, more efficient, and more satisfying.

Kim Winston

It's like having a universal translator.

Cooking utensils

QDM is a recipe to solve problems.

Two Men Talking

QDM keeps us from dealing with the same problems day after day.

Papers across desk

We learned root cause analysis can be as simple as repeatedly asking, "Why?"

Giuliano Mancini

Many people have good advice; they just need to be asked.


Our team has a new appreciation for the value of time.

Woman Presenting

QDM training helps us do more with less work.

Team Huddle

Our team never jumps to conclusions.

Sherry Threat

I was already using the ABLE process.